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Passing the Baton-nage

Passing the Baton-nage

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And it’s not something that we can own. And so, in the spirit of collaboration and community, and in order to allow Bâtonnage to continue to evolve, grow, and involve all aspects and members of the wine industry, we are incredibly excited to announce what we’re calling Pass the Baton-nage.

This forum is about our greater community; as such, it belongs to all of us. Two successful years into Bâtonnage, we believe the strongest and most profound growth for this community can come from more diversity of perspectives, from passing the reigns and the vision onto the next generation. We also believe this baton-passing is symbolic of our greater vision and

intention, to hear from and enable and empower as many diverse voices in our industry as possible. In our work here over the past two years, it’s become very clear to us that this is the most progressive and powerful way forward. In the coming months, we’re planning to "pass the baton" and the soup-to-nuts production of Batonnage to a new team for its next two-year incarnation.


So: Are you in? Are you ready to take this on?

Do you have a colleague, or a team, or a professional soul mate with whom you can envision propelling this movement forward? We’re accepting applications starting right now, via our website, to be the next Orchestrators of Batonnage. Tell us why you care, what your vision is for the next two events, and how you see the Batonnage Forum continuing to grow. We’ll review applications in July, then announce the new producers before mind-melding with our new team to share our resources and enable a smooth transition. We can’t wait to see where this movement goes next!


What you need to do:

Tell us your vision! 

  1. Your proposal should include ideas regarding the following: How would you see the next two years of Batonnage unfold? What topics do you want to discuss? When and where do you want it to take place? How are you going to fund it? 

  2. Send your proposal to by July 1, and we’ll be announcing the new team in August. 

  3. We will be choosing the team that we think is best situated to carry on the ethos of this event, and then we’ll hand over the kitchen sink of information about what we’ve done to date. Stevie and Sarah will stay on in an advisory role, but this is about your vision and what comes next!


Proposals due by July 1st to!