A special thank you to our sponsors and partners for making our inaugural year possible. 

If you are interested in finding out ways you or your company can contribute, email us at info@batonnageforum.com.



Participating Sponsors:




During the month of July, our friends at One Market Restaurant in San Francisco are hosting their Annual July Half-Price “Women in Wine” event for the 18th consecutive year! Throughout the Month of July, all of the bottled wines featured on the list curated for the event by Wine Director, and panelist, Tonya Pitts. 

Interested in being a part of Bâtonnage?  We are absolutely still looking for sponsors and partners. Email us at info@batonnageforum.com.


Among other things, we're still looking for: compost/trash/recycling services, bins and buckets for ice, spit buckets, tableware (ideally compostable), toilet services, first aid kits, and fans for tables. As well as pens, note pads, and sunscreen for guests.

We're also looking for a photographer! Got skills? Show us your stuff, and you could be the official Batonnage photographer with payment in some seriously gorgeous women-made wines!