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Agenda for the Day

2019 Agenda for the day



Registration - please arrive no later than 9:30am to ensure everyone can get checked in on time and join the opening address!


Welcome Address


Panel 1 - Departing Dysfunction
Our panel, "Departing Dysfunction," will be kicking off the day's discussions, so why not dive deep right off the bat?! As we all know, there are a variety of working environments: some are fantastically positive and empowering, others laden with bullying, messed up power dynamics, a brazen disrespect of women in a male-exclusive culture. There have been those events or spaces where we’ve felt objectified. Those places where management was inherently distrustful or disrespectful and made us feel small, insignificant or incapable. Conversely, we may be managers ourselves, trying to do our best and yet perhaps blind to our own dysfunctional tendencies.

This panel brings together an amazing array of participants with diverse perspectives. They come from different roles both within and outside of our industry as well as different cultural backgrounds and ages, and they're all focused on different initiatives to propel our industry forward. We're honored by their presence and willingness to have honest, vulnerable conversations around this challenging subject matter.


Women Talk. Who Listens?

One of the big pieces of feedback we got from last year's forum was that you wanted more real, concrete tips and takeaways for forward progress at this year's Forum. So this year we solicited some real talk: We're inviting a featured speaker to talk about how women can communicate more effectively and confidently such that we make ourselves heard and get results.




Panel 2 - Pathways to Inclusion: But How, Really?

We recognized pretty early on that the conversation about challenges and opportunities women face in our field is actually part of a bigger discussion about diversity in the industry as a whole. So we thought we’d bring together a stellar line-up of panelists that represent perspectives within the industry and change-makers outside of it, each bringing very different backgrounds and perspectives to the table — culturally, professionally, regionally, and beyond. We will dive into challenges, for sure, raising voices and personal accounts, while also staying true to our mission of seeking pragmatic solutions for charting a positive, inclusive course forward.


Panel 3 - Do You Sell Sex?

If you joined us last year, you know that things got heated at the end of the day as the topic of personal presentation came up. Perspectives varied across generational lines, roles in the business, and more, so we thought, why not heat things up a bit more in 2019? So we're going to get a little provocative and ask the question outright: Do you sell sex?

The panel will explore the ways that women use (intentionally or not) their sexuality to "sell" wines or create their brand, the decisions that are involved in that process, and more. We're delighted to welcome the following women to the 2019 forum to dive into this hard-hitting topic that affects all of us, whichever side of the coin you land on.


Closing Remarks




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