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2018 Forum: Keys to Success and Forward Progress


To wrap up our inaugural Bâtonnage Forum, Cathy Huyghe recapped some of the powerful thoughts and sentiments of the day, but she took it one step further. She challenged us to push ourselves in new ways, however small, moving forward. These conversations are not new. Women are showing renewed energy in tackling the issues that face us, which is great! We know, however, that while conversation is a crucial first step, actions need to follow. Cathy’s closing remarks suggest ways for us to set personal and collective goals for ourselves to forge a better path.

Whether you joined us the day of or have tuned in via these recaps, we hope you took something away from our inaugural edition of the Bâtonnage Forum. Our intention, simply stated, has been not only to open up the conversation around the challenges of being women in this industry, but also to propose pragmatic solutions for charting a positive, inclusive course forward. To help us continue the conversation, we invite you to pledge your support and to spread the word.

- Team Bâtonnage

Sarah BrayComment