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2018 Forum: Negotiating & Advocating Panel


In this panel, we focused on questions about how women approach the acts of negotiating and advocating with Megan Glaab, the winemaker at Ryme, UPHOLD, and Lost & Found; R.H. Drexel, the founder of Loam Baby; Suzann Russell, Managing Director in Silicon Valley Bank’s Wine Division; and Nadia Dmytriw, founder of Floraison Selections. In this discussion, we talked through some personal stories and learnings from our panelists' own experiences.

Think about this: research shows that women are negotiating at a rate of 55% of the time, while men are negotiating at a rate of 70%. That means that two colleagues starting at the same level, one male and one female, negotiating at that rate with every job, will see dramatic differences in their wages at the end of 30 years. It’s a little more complicated when you factor in that we all work in a field that can be both physically and socially demanding, often without a clear ladder to climb. But we also have an advantage. We’re in an industry — a community — that we love, and women are nothing if not community builders. And that same research shows that women are more effective in negotiations when we think about how our skills benefit the overall workplace, when we think about how what we’re asking for makes our boss, partner, and organization better.

So, we also finished by focusing on some ideas about how to change our perceptions of negotiating, and how we can better advocate both for ourselves and others around us. (We also owe a tip of the sun hat to audience member Maia for sharing her wage parity insights from her previous experience as a human resources manager.) Ultimately, our framework for this discussion was the following: If we start to think about things a little differently, we may just be able to change our behavior. 

- Sarah

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