We’re looking for two dedicated individuals to join our small and feisty, mad-hustling, all-volunteer team to help make our encore presentation an even greater success.

While volunteering for Bâtonnage is unpaid, you’ll be at the forefront of an exciting, dynamic and positivity-charged movement within the wine industry. Successful candidates will be featured on our website and in promotional materials where appropriate. We can also work with you to provide college internship credit if applicable.

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Making it... Solo

I’m going to be vulnerable for a minute. Listening again through all of the discussions that took place at the inaugural Bâtonnage Forum, I kind of got upset. I know, not what you were expecting me to say. I’m supposed to say it was inspiring and so wonderful — and it was — but what upset me was the number of times women said I did this because I had a supportive partner. And, as a single woman, I asked myself: What happens if you don’t?

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